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A very warm wedding in Pinner

August 08, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I first met John and Jackie at Harrow Arts Centre Bridal Fair last winter, in the middle of a snow storm. It was my very first bridal fair and I was afraid that I would not remember the name of potential clients.  I didn't need to worry! First, there weren't that many potential clients to start with, thanks to the snow storm :( .  Second, I had such a good laugh with John and Jackie that when they emailed me that evening to book me, I remembered exactly who they were and I was very very happy to have them as my clients! (I am always happy about my clients to start with, mind you!)


After meeting them in a snow storm, I was to document their wedding... in a heat wave! ;)


It was the beginning of the 2013 heatwave.  It has been the hottest day of the year so far (That record breaking title didn't last long though!) so we were not used to it and it felt SOOO hot, even if it was not that bad, really... ;)  It was also bright and sunny, which made my work more difficult but it made everybody ... bright and sunny, which is always nice.  Since John and Jackie spend a lot of their time in Spain, it was more than appropriate!


They live close to Pinner Methodist Church, so they made the most of the vintage Rolls Royces and both arrived in style, 30 minutes apart from one another.
_DSC7339 _DSC7381_HDR _DSC7520 _DSC7558 _DSC7586 _DSC7596 _DSC7621 _DSC7643 _DSC7690 _DSC7737 _DSC7809 _DSC7848 _DSC8065 _DSC8090 _DSC8153

They had their reception in their garden, which was more than spacious enough for a marquee and plenty of open space left for people to mingle and children to play together.


_DSC8441 _DSC8690 _DSC8717 _DSC8846 _DSC8931 _DSC9037 This young man was very excited at my promise to put his picture on the internet!  _DSC8804

Overall, the general feeling was as warm as the weather on that day!  Wish you all the best, John and Jackie!


Family Lifestyle Photography in Harrow on the Hill, North West London

August 03, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Or... Old MacDonald had a farm, EIEIO!

Through advertising Melly Potter’s Summer Offer, I received several nice comments about the main photograph I used for this campaign.  My heart swelled up. Then I realised that I never actually blogged about this session, which is a real shame!

Family Lifestyle Photography_DSC4228

I photographed this irresistible little boy, his two teenaged sisters and their mother during last August’s special offer.  As we often do when little ones are involved, we started at their home, then made our way to a local park (his favourite, of course!).


Children Lifestyle Photography Harrow_DSC4269

As usual I would be hard pressed to choose my favourite image from this family session.  However, I have very found memories of the above image.  The little man was in a very serious mood, so I had his sisters on either side of me helping me with the “entertainment”. We spent a rather long time singing Old MacDonald had a Farm on top of our lungs in order to make him smile/laugh.  It did work but let me just tell you that we were getting rather creative about the sort of animals Old MacDonald had on his farm! I can almost hear it again everytime I look at this image... ;)


Few more gorgeous images...


Teenagers portrait_DSC4112 Children Portrait_DSC4155 Portrait Photography_DSC4337

Mother and son portrait_DSC4379 Contemporary Family Portrait_DSC4381 Teenagers Portrait Lifestyle_DSC4431 _DSC4483 _DSC4480

This session happened almost a year ago and we are now looking forward to our next session together. I wonder what we’ll be singing this year... ;)


Summer Offer

August 01, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

School holidays are finally here, heat wave has come and gone (but it’s still sunny... sometimes) and overall everybody is more relaxed.


That is why it's the perfect time to have a family portrait session!  This is perfect timing; you can take advantage of Melly Potter’s special offer and get an additional image for free.  With sessions ranging from only £50 (weekdays within HA postcodes) to £125 (weekends and Bank Holidays in Greater London, Herts, Bucks, Berks), you have to book fast to avoid disappointment; the offer is for sessions happening in August only!


How to choose your wedding photographer

May 26, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Maybe you found this blog pretty much randomly. There is a chance, though, that you ended up here because you are looking for a wedding  photographer. I have heard all sorts of stories from friends and family about less than stellar experiences with wedding photographers.  To help you avoid this sort of situation, I put together a list of advice to help you choose a reliable photographer that will produce images you will love.

Mainly there are three sets of questions to consider:


How to choose your wedding photographer

1- Protecting Yourself


Good wedding photographers should be offering the following:

       Written Contracts,

       Liability Insurance,

       Member of accredited association(s),

       Professional equipment with appropriate back ups.

Written contracts and proper insurance protect both you and your photographer would something go wrong. Photographers who are members of professional associations have access to a network of photographers to help in the very unlikely case they can’t make it on your wedding day (heart attack, swine flu, broken legs... rare but not impossible).

How to choose your wedding photographer

2- Your Photographic Experience


Who will actually take the pictures?

Do you get along with your photographer?

Your photographer will be around you quite a lot on your big day; better choosing one you get along with! Beware that some companies will assign a photographer to you only days before the wedding...


Have you seen a complete wedding album?

Do you like your photographer’s pictures?

Choose a photographer whose style you admire; photographers can adjust their style to your preferences, but only to a point. Recommendations from family and friends are wonderful... as long as you have similar taste!

How to choose your wedding photographer


3 - Value for Money


What is included in your package?

Beware of “hidden fees”; some photographers advertise shockingly low prices but you’d probably end up paying much more than the advertised price once all the extras are added up.


Does you package include a DVD of your pictures?

How well are they edited? Up to what size can they be printed? Can you post them on social media?


Will my family and friends be able to purchase prints online after the wedding?

Although not absolutely essential, this could save you few headaches after the wedding!


Who will design your wedding album?

It’s your wedding album; it deserves professional design and printing! Photographers designing albums using templates or sending your album to high street photo printers are best avoided.



I hope this will be helpful to you!

Claire and Francis - Part Two - Ode to Uncle Bob

May 19, 2013  •  Leave a Comment


Many photographers despise “uncle Bob” with a passion. Who is uncle Bob, you may ask?  He is the wedding guest who insists on photographing the wedding “alongside” the professional photographer hired by the couple. Unfortunately, “he” (While there are “Aunties Barb”, they remain a minority.) tends to also be in the way of the professional photographer.  This does make the professional photographer job incredibly difficult and even sometimes downright impossible.  Ever tried to take a picture of the bride walking down the aisle when Uncle Bob jumps in the aisle between you and the bride? Good luck... (Another photographer gives many examples here.)


Well, Claire and Francis’s wedding was the exact opposite of this.  There were few Uncles Bob but they were just... wonderful!  I even sincerely thanked one of them for helping me capture different aspects of the ceremony.  This gentleman was photographing the ceremony, but always from a different location than me.  When I changed locations (which I do a few times during the ceremony, discretely of course) and moved beside him, he moved to another spot.  Now this is the useful way to be an uncle Bob;  complement the coverage of the professional photographer instead of being straight beside them!  I do not know how this particular gentleman’s pictures turned out (I bet he did get some nice images) but he put himself in a good position to get images that would nicely complement mine.  He didn't use flash (a big no-no during the ceremony and one of the best way to ruin the professional photographer's work) and he certainly did not disrupt my work at all.


So if you do feel like being an uncle Bob at the next wedding you are attending, I suggest you do it this way.  However, I personally think you’d have a better time putting your camera down and enjoying the occasion properly, but the choice remains yours...


Wedding photographer London BarbicanClaireandFrancis-5325 Wedding photographer London BarbicanClaireandFrancis-5395

While I do take capture some images of the food, I usually cannot spend much time producing close-up images as this gentleman.Wedding photographer London BarbicanClaireandFrancis-5398

He wasn't their uncle (He is a close friend of the couple.) and he wasn't named Bob (He flew in from Singapore... not many Roberts there!); the wonderful "uncle Bob" who second shot the ceremony the best way possible!Wedding photographer London BarbicanClaireandFrancis-6176

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