Melly Potter Photography | Baby Studio
Melly Potter’s Baby Studio is a new concept where busy parents can have beautiful photographs of their baby captured in a relaxed environment at a reasonable price.

Arrive at the Nest Baby Lounge well in advance of your pre-booked session, have a play with your baby, a cup of tea, maybe a feed or a nap. This way your little one is sure to be in a good mood by the time their turn comes to pose for posterity. Melly Potter also leaves enough time between session so it is fine to wait a little while as to not rush a feed, cut short a nap, etc...

Baby Studio is suitable for babies/children from birth to 4 years old. One parent (or guardian) is required to attend the photo session. Parents (or guardians) are welcome to be part of the photo session with their baby/child but only if they wish to do so.